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Residential Roofing Services

Residential Re-Roofing

Over time, the harsh West Coast weather has a way of eating away at any good looking, dependable roof . If you have lived in a house for any length of time you will have remembered the days of never noticing your roof. 

Now, as each year passes it feels like every winter is an increasingly large gamble. The stakes are high; they include your house, your possessions and your family . You have missing shingles, cracked up/rotten shakes and your gutters look as though they are going to fall right off the house; you are tired of the gamble and decide to replace your roof. We at Up and Up Roofing understand that replacing your roof is no small (or terribly fun) decision, that’s why we will be sure to walk you through the process and provide you with the following:

  • FREE Written Estimates
  • A wide range of products ranging from Fiberglass/asphalt laminate, cedar to high end synthetic slate and metal shingles
  • 20 year Transferrable Workmanship Guarantee
  • 30 to 50 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • $3 Million Liability Insurance

24/7 Emergency Services

There are not many things that can strike more fear and panic into the heart of a home owner like looking up at your ceiling and finding an ever increasing water spot. Worse yet is walking into a room to find a puddle and steady flow of water coming through the ceiling. 

We like to think of everyone's house as their castle, and that is why we provide emergency leak repairs and tarp services throughout the lower mainland. If you ever find yourself in a moment of panic, give us a call and one of our qualified roofers can come out and either fix the problem right away, tarp up the section, or the entire roof for a nominal fee so that it gives you an opportunity to consider your next move.

If it's time to replace your roof, and we can offer that service for you, the tarp service is considered complimentary, and you will owe us nothing for it. Thats right, FREE.

Cedar Repairs and Restorations

Cedar roofs often develop small leaks or minor problems well before their time is up. Depending on the area you live in, the presence of large trees, and the sun and rain exposure, it is possible for your cedar roof to have a large portion of it looking perfectly fine, and another section needing immediate attention. The fact is, roofs are not cheap, and we want to provide you with as many different options as possible moving forward that can suit your financial capacity, and extend the life of your roof for as long as possible.

 We offer a wide variety of services that will extend the life of your roof:

  • Leak investigation
  • Replace rotted shakes or ridge cap
  • Full restoration packages involving varying degrees of repairs
  • Painting and resealing flashing
  • Shimming cracked shakes

Gutter and Roof Maintenance

The lower mainland is a beautiful place, and we are blessed to be surrounded by so much nature. Unfortunately nature and our homes don't often co-habitate all that well. Debris from trees and other plants can wreak havoc on your roofs, and clog up your gutters causing them to overflow and back up under your roof, or onto the heads of people below. 

We want to make sure that you never have to deal with serious consequences due to neglecting your roof, that is why we offer gutter cleaning and repairs, debris (and snow) removal and low-pressure washing solutions for your gutters, skylights, home and walkways. If your home is surrounded by a lot of large trees we have a loyalty program, where we will install a permanent safety anchor on your roof and can return annually, bi-annually or as often as necessary.

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